Hunter's Ridge

*Victorian Era Ageplay*

In the fourth book of the bestselling Victorian age-play series, we return to Hunter's Ridge to discover how twin sisters, Lucy and Louisa, are blossoming under the stern but loving guidance of their husbands who are also their beloved Papas. They've made their choice to live in dual roles of wives and special little ones but they are not the only ones making choices. Lucas's sisters, Franny and Ettie are not only preparing to be presented to society, they are beginning to ask questions about what paths their lives will take.

Will Franny be able to set her fears of courtship aside and give Samuel Benedict a chance to win her heart? Or will that one impulsive, naughty choice she made ruin her chance of finding true love? Not one but three men vie to capture the heart of the vivacious youngest Lady Huntington. Ettie discovers that courtship is thrilling and yet learns that there is more than love to consider. She knows she needs to feel adored but can any one of the three make her feel truly cherished? What path do these two young women wish to take and who will take the journey at their sides to fulfill their every desire? 

As shopping is done and gifts made by loving hands, the house is full of secrets. Will Lucy decide to share what she has learned? And what exactly is the secret that has Franny so withdrawn and what does Louisa know that she has not even shared with her twin?

Days are filled with skating, sleigh rides and racing across the snow covered fields. Courting abounds and preparations are made to attend the Grand Ball. Will love and trust be enough to hold the family together when a night of enchantment turns into a nightmare threatening to tear the family asunder? 

Disclaimer: This book contains elements of age-play, the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes, and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book. 

In this, the third book of the best-selling Hunter’s Ridge series, twin sisters, Louisa and Lucy, are looking forward to reuniting after several months apart. Though they correspond regularly, letters are nothing compared to being together, sharing their lives, and whispering their secrets to one another.

Anticipation has caused both to be naughtier than usual—but their husbands, who are also very strict Papas, have no hesitation in reminding them what happens when their Little brides test the rules.

After a very educational evening visit to Miss Eleanor Summers' school, Louisa’s eyes are opened to what might be if she continues her bratty ways—and her attitude is quickly adjusted. Lord Edward Wintercrest has not only taken possession of an intriguing box from Eleanor to share with his best friend and Lucy’s Papa, Lord Lucas Huntington, he has also ensured that the long carriage ride to Hunter’s Ridge will offer his precious little lady comfort and distraction from boredom.

Lucas’ family is excited about the upcoming visit as they prepare for the holidays and the final ball of the season. And Lord Stefan Northbridge is not one to sit idly aside when there is a chance to do a bit of matchmaking. Will Franny be able to trust another suitor after her narrow escape from the clutches of Lord Drakemore?

Is Ettie ready to put away her childhood toys as she enters the grown-up world, or is she looking for a man far more like her brother than Lucas realizes?

Only a few things are certain: no matter what the future holds for the others at Hunter’s Ridge, both Lucy and Louisa will continue to be cherished and coddled by their husbands—and their Papas will always be there to remind them of their vows to submit. With their unwavering love for these precious women, and unfaltering attention to their backsides whenever they step out of line, this reunion exceeds both sisters' expectations.

Once again, Maggie Ryan, the queen of Victorian ageplay erotica, combines love, friendship, humor, and delicious scenes of discipline and lust to tell a story that is as heartwarming as it is sexy. 
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Lord and Lady Huntington step off the train where they spent their honeymoon. As they say goodbye to their new friends, Lord and Lady Northbridge, Emmie attempts to assure Lucy that everyone will love her just as much as she does. Lucy is both excited and terrified as their carriage draws them ever closer to Hunter’s Ridge where she will finally meet Lucas’ family. An accident on the road does nothing to soothe her shattered nerves until her husband promises that he will always be there, always protect her, and always love her. She has learned so much at his hands during their short marriage as he patiently teaches her what he expects both from his wife and from his special Little one.

The size and magnificence of his family estates overwhelm her but she finds comfort in the warm, loving welcome of his family. Molly, her nanny, has learned a great deal as well and assures Lucy that all will be fine as she begins her life at Hunter’s Ridge. Lucy might have believed her if it hadn’t been for one person. Lucinda, the governess, doesn’t hesitate to let Lucy know that she is unwanted. She makes it her duty to assure that Lucy’s time spent as Mistress of Hunter’s Ridge is short. Lucy’s fears overwhelm her when she believes her husband is oblivious to Lucinda’s actions. Will he remember his promise to protect her? Will he remember he swore that she would be safe and loved among the people who occupied Hunter’s Ridge? Can she trust him as he continues her lessons in both discipline and passion or will she find that the dual paths she vowed to take only lead to heartbreak.

This is the second book in the series, Hunter’s Ridge. It is a Victorian based age-play novel that contains discipline as well as explicit sexual scenes. If harsh discipline, age-play elements including anal play, or sexual acts offend you, please do not purchase this book. If you enjoy reading about the intense love and discoveries of possibilities of two people as they continue their journeys together, I hope my book brings you pleasure.

Lucy's Journey Home
Leaving her twin sister Louisa and her husband, Lord Edward Wintercrest behind, Lucy knows that while she is sad, it is only right that she follow her husband. Every aspect of traveling by train fascinates her.

While her husband loves seeing her so excited, he has no intention of allowing her to forget his rules of behavior or the vows she spoke less than a week earlier. Lucy's lessons continue as she adapts to the dual roles she has accepted as both his bride and his little girl.

She is a willing student as her husband teaches her ways of pleasure that she could never have imagined. She is far less willing when she discovers her Papa means what he says...when she makes bad choices and is naughty, her bottom pays a price.

Lucas surprises her by introducing her to Lord Stefan Northbridge and his own child-bride, Emmaline. The two girls become instant friends. Molly, Lucy's former lady's maid and now her nanny, is also thrilled to be able to ask Bertha, Emmie's nanny, for tips on how to properly care for the little miss.

The journey is full of discovery for everyone and serves to remind Lucy of why she gave her heart and soul to Lucas. He reminds her that she is his heart, his life and his love and she realizes that she wants nothing more than to be his forever.

This book is meant for adults only and has an age-play theme. When Lucy wed Lucas, she vowed to accept her life living in dual roles - one as her husband's wife and the other as his special child-bride. It includes diapering, anal play and spankings given and accepted in love. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


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  3. Do you plan on expanding Ettie and Franny's story and their role as child/brides?

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