Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kept by her Cowboy Daddy

Kept by her Cowboy Daddy

Nineteen-year-old Scarlett’s life in her daddy’s gentle, loving care is pretty close to perfect as far as she is concerned. Even when Colton spanks her bare bottom soundly for hiding traffic tickets, she knows that in the end he’ll take her in his arms and kiss all her tears away, and she’ll be his good girl again.

When Colton tells her he needs to travel for rodeo business and that he’s trusting her to be a big girl and stay home alone, Scarlett can’t wait to watch chick flicks and eat too much popcorn while holding down the fort. But then her two friends from college talk her into hosting a huge house party—with beer and boys and loud music—and she hesitantly agrees.

After Colton discovers what Scarlett has been up to, he sends a trusted friend to the house to deal with her naughty behavior in his absence. Before she knows it Scarlett is getting the spanking of her life, with more intimate, embarrassing punishments to follow, and she is soon feeling like a very sorry little girl indeed.

Upon coming home, Colton sets out to make sure that Scarlett never lies to him again, but he also makes sure his little girl knows that her daddy loves her more than she can possibly imagine, and though her punishment leaves her bottom sore both inside and out, Colton’s firm but loving discipline also leaves Scarlett feeling happier than ever to be kept by her cowboy daddy.


Scarlett is punished by her Aunt Tish while her Daddy is away
“We shall begin. I must warn you, this will be most uncomfortable. I’m afraid you won’t enjoy it one bit.”
Even with that warning, Scarlett and her poor, quivering flesh were still caught off guard by the sting that followed the loud pop when Aunt Tish swung her arm. It was shockingly intense. If she wasn’t being held firmly she would have leapt up and danced around the room to attempt to lessen the prickling pain. She was doing it in her head right this very moment, which, unfortunately, didn’t help.
The next one fell silently, imparting a bite that ensured she wasn’t quiet. Aunt Tish let her squirm and whimper as the pain spread over her cheeks and burrowed down deep, creating a heat that radiated. She didn’t offer a word of comfort, however, nor did she say she was done.
Quite possibly because she wasn’t, which Scarlett found out from the next stealthy swat. She was spacing them out, but still they built, pain stacked on top of ache, like some sort of evil pyramid of agony. This time, she wailed unashamedly and gave a little kick of her legs, neither of which dulled the waves of heat pouring from her scorched cheeks.
Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet? She chanted franticly in her head, too afraid of the answer to ask it aloud.
She would have been disappointed, it seemed, because just as the burning sting began to lessen—only the smallest bit, but enough to give her some small respite—Aunt Tish swung the mean paddle again. This time, her cry became a sob that stuck in her throat. She would have kicked her legs and screamed for all she was worth, and the reason she didn’t had nothing to do with self-control, but sheer exhaustion. She lay limply over Aunt Tish’s lap, her body reverberating with soft sobs as the throbbing continued.

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