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The Nanny by Allison West and Alta Hensley

The Nanny
Allison West and Alta Hensley

The Nanny…finally, her story.


When street urchin Georgiana Hayes meets a mysterious gentleman who offers her a warm meal and a chance to get warm again, she cannot resist.
The man who has rescued her from the cold is, in fact, Mr. Philip Hartley; the headmaster of the Ashby Chateau – a finishing school, and a place where young ladies can learn to submit and rediscover their inner ‘little’ selves. He is looking for a new nanny, and is quick to offer the position to Georgiana.
Georgiana accepts gratefully, and she instantly becomes The Nanny.
Unfortunately, she soon realizes that she is not really cut out for the role of disciplinarian. If anything, she finds herself beginning to envy the girls under her care, and wishes that she, too, could experience what it would be like to be little; to be cherished, cared for, and loved.
Theodore Elliott, a well-established businessman, is seeking a wife, and has craved the special love and affection of a ‘little’ for as long as he can remember. The moment he sets eyes on Nanny Giana, he knows without a doubt that she is the one he has been searching for. No other little at the school can compare to the dark-haired beauty.
Can Theo convince the headmaster to allow Giana to resign from her position as governess and enroll in the Ashby Chateau as a little? More importantly, is Giana willing to take that step for a man she barely knows but is intrigued by? Can she surrender herself physically, emotionally and sexually in order to become what Theo desires above all else: his little Gia?
From the authors of the best-selling ‘Enrolling Little Etta’, this next book in the Ashby Chateau series also contains elements of age-play, anal play, spanking, and graphic sex. While The Nanny does feature some characters and settings from Enrolling Little Etta, it should be noted that it can be read as a standalone.

Nanny Beth stepped forward and ripped the cotton bloomers down Teresa's legs. The paddle extended from her hand and she landed the face of the wood across the young woman's bottom.
The wood made a loud blistering sound as it landed on her bare posterior.
"Oww!" Teresa yelped as she tried to get away. Nanny Beth continued to paddle her wiggling behind two more times, appearing as if it took no effort at all.
Nanny Beth grabbed her by the wrist and held her so she was not able to run. "I suggest you grip the edge of the bathtub, child. Nanny Giana will finish the paddling, and perhaps next time you will think twice before causing such a scene."
Beth handed Giana the paddle and nodded toward the young woman's reddened bottom.
Giana did not think she had it in her to spank anyone, let alone a grown woman.
Teresa bent forward, her head down as she pushed her bottom out and gripped the edge of the bathtub, leaning forward. Her dress fell over her hips, exposing her once creamy complexion, which was now splotched pink from the paddle.
Nanny Beth waited for the discipline to ensue as Giana merely stood in shock. "She must learn that she takes orders from her nanny, which is you. She receives at least as many spanks as her regressed age. Tell Nanny Giana how old you are, and do not lie, child," Beth commanded.
"Seven," Teresa squeaked, her voice hardly above a whisper.
She was supposed to spank Teresa seven times? She did not think she had it in her to spank her once. At least the paddle would keep her own hand from walloping with pain.
"Usually, I would recommend the bare hand, but Teresa has been a naughty girl, and after the number of bare bottom spankings she received earlier, the paddle will remind her that tomorrow she will not want to disobey her nanny," Beth said. She looked at Giana with a stern expression. "Go on now, we do not have all night."


Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Victorian, Historical, and BDSM Erotica. She has penned more than 20 stories in multiple genres under the name Ravyn Rayne (erotic) and Ruth Silver (young adult).

Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog "Spanking Author."

Want to contact her? Email

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Alta Hensley
Alta Hensley is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author who has had top-selling books in erotic science fiction, humor, BDSM and historical. She writes the naughty... and then the cure for it.
Being a multi-published author in the Domestic Discipline genre, Alta is known for her alpha heroes, sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.
You can find out more about Alta on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. You can also contact her at

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Simon Says by Libby Campbell

Simon Says by Libby Campbell

Sadie will be the perfect woman for Simon, if only she can learn to obey his rules.

Never Ending Blog Tour: Past Interference by Kathryn R. Blake

Past Interferences by Kathryn R. Blake

Love and trust walk hand-in-hand, but fear can tear them apart.

Past Interference_500x755
When Jerry Douglas asks Elly Benson to marry him, he wants their ceremony to be as close to Valentine's Day as possible. Though Elly tearfully accepts Jerry's proposal without hesitation, as she readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage. When Elly recalls how quickly her uncertain stomach jitters grew into tight knots of pain on her wedding day, she also remembers how and why she'd fallen in love with and married Arthur, her first husband. A mistake she regrets more and more with each passing hour.
Though she's lived with Jerry for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, her first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, in the beginning. At least until she vowed to love, honor and obey him. And their move to Corbin's Bend turned him from the strict, but caring husband she thought she'd married into a monster she no longer recognized.

In a flashback, Jerry wants to start a new tradition on Christmas Eve as he and Elly stand before his parents' tree.
After placing a kiss on Elly's head, Jerry handed her a small glass angel ornament. "Here." The crystal wings and bell skirt were so fine and delicate she hesitated to take the figure from his fingers.
"Go on. She's a lot sturdier than she looks. Just grasp the hanging string. I want you to place her on the tree."
"Me? Why?" Elly asked, blinking up at him in wonder. These were the Douglas's traditions, and as welcoming as Jerry's family had been, she was still an outsider.
"Because I want to start a new tradition — tonight. Please?"
Elly carefully pinched the slender golden cord between her thumb and index finger and set the sparkling three-inch figurine on her palm before she glanced at Jerry in surprise. "Did you make this?"
Smiling, he shook his head while his mother, father, two brothers and single sister all took seats on the couches positioned near the tree. Elly held the last ornament to be placed.
"He did have it specially made, however," his mother announced with a grin.
"Mother...," Jerry warned.
Elly examined the fragile angel more closely. "You did?"
"Yes, I did. Look at her eyes."
They were two tiny green stones that matched the color of Elly's irises. She smiled at him, when a sudden sparkle from the angel's halo caught her eye. A garland of diamond-like crystals crowned the celestial being's long crystal locks.
"She's got a halo of shiny stars set in a silver circle," Elly said in wonder, staring at the delicate winged figure.
"The eyes are emeralds, the circle is platinum, the bar set stones are real diamonds, but you're right about the halo, because you are my very own angel." Grasping her free hand in his, Jerry dropped down to one knee. "Eleanor Ann Franklin Benson, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"
The room grew snowfall silent as Elly's tear-filled eyes gazed down at the man she adored.
"You're asking me to marry you?" Her words emerged as a mere squeak of a sound.
"I told you I would do things right when I proposed. Yes, my heart, I want to spend the rest of my life with you at my side and under my wing. I want to love, hold, cherish and protect you for as long as we both shall live. Will you say yes? Please?"
Elly's mouth opened and closed, but no sound came out. Then she gazed at his smiling family gathered to witness their baby lay his heart out on a line. The man, whom she loved most in the world, knelt before her and his closest relatives to claim he wanted her. Her. Overcome with emotion, Elly could only nod her head.
His smile broad, Jerry rose to his feet, cupped her face in his hands and kissed her beneath the sprig of mistletoe his eldest brother held above their heads.

Blushing Books


Lessons in Love is Kathryn R. Blake's sixth novel with Blushing Books, and fifth spanking romance where Domestic Discipline is primary to the plot.  Although Kathryn is relatively new to the spanking romance market, she is not new to stories where the hero spanks the heroine.  In fact, most of her novels have some sort of spanking in them.  However, even in Kathryn's novels where the hero firmly believes in using spanking as a deterrent, he has no desire to cause the heroine injury and takes no delight in hurting the woman of his heart.  In fact, sometimes he finds it extremely difficult to follow through on his threats or promises.
To date, all of her heroes are dominant, alpha males who are extremely protective of the women they love.  However, part of that protectiveness includes the need for a certain amount of control.  They do not suffer defiance or disobedience lightly. Even so, these men aren't infallible, and they do make mistakes, but love and respect will always triumph in the end.
Kathryn has been a member of RWA since the early 1980s and has joined several local and special interest chapters. Besides writing, Kathryn enjoys traveling, reading, attending the theatre, and is a passionate lover of animals, so much so that in 2015 a stray cat adopted her. The stray now sleeps in Kathryn's bed.  She has also recently taken up the expensive hobby of making and selling jewelry.
Her personal website,, is filled with photos and links to information about her many interests as well as peppered with quizzes, contests, games and lots of other fun things to do and she loves to hear from her readers, so she has an e-mail link at the bottom of every page.

Social Links:

Questions and Answers:

Are you like any of your heroines?
I'd say most of my heroines and I share some history. They are a part of me and share some of my feelings, but they are definitely different people. Most are much braver and fiestier than I ever could be, but then I'm more even tempered and easy going than most of the women in my stories, and I have fewer hang-ups.

Are you working on a new book right now?
I think I'm always working on something, but the next new book I expect to publish is actually a prequel to my only BDSM novel, "A Dom's Dilemma." This is Kelly's introduction to BDSM through a Daddy Dom and age play.

How many books have you written and are they all spanking fiction?
"Past Interference" is my only novella, and my fifth spanking romance. My two other books are paranormal romances that have a bit of spanking in them, but aren't spanking romances by definition. So, all my books at least mention spanking and have dominant heroes struggling to protect independent heroines.
Renee RosePatty Devlin
Kathryn R. BlakeSue Lyndon
Patricia GreenKallista Dane
Rayanna JamisonStevie MacFarlane
Abbie AdamsJordan Abbott
Bella BryceRavyn Rayne
Keriann McKennaRuth Silver
Blushing Books

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Wren’s Redemption By Katherine Deane

Wren’s Redemption
By Katherine Deane

Jonathan watched Wren’s fall from grace, and he fell with her.

Nineteen-year-old gymnast Wren Montgomery was America’s golden girl, but then it all came crashing down. As far as the media is concerned, it was a devastating ankle injury which began her downward spiral, but in her heart Wren knows better. The truth is that things started going wrong the day her beloved coach Jonathan Reilly not only rejected her romantic advances, but actually spanked her bare bottom as if she were a silly little girl when she tried to hide her heartbreak behind an angry outburst.

Now at twenty-two, after one poor decision after another Wren has become the “bad girl” of the gymnastics world. Desperate to break out of her slump and with nowhere else to turn, she decides to accept help from the best coach she ever had… the same man who spurned and then spanked her years ago.

Jonathan watched Wren’s fall from grace, and he fell with her. He still blames himself for leaving the team—and more importantly, leaving her—and now that he has the chance to help his little rebel get back on track, he isn’t going to let it slip through his fingers. This time he’ll be there for her no matter what, both when she needs a loving embrace and when she needs a firm hand applied to her bare bottom. Most important of all, if she still wants him to be more than just her coach, this time he won’t let anything keep him from claiming what is his.

Publisher’s Note: Wren’s Redemption is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

“You ready for something a bit more difficult today?” Jonathan asked as he strode across the mats for their next session.
The meet yesterday had gone great—except for the uneven bars, of course. Ugh. She sucked at the bars, and Mr. God’s Gift to Bars, had promised he would get her through her bar rotation by any means necessary. She shuddered when she saw the familiar gleam in his eyes. “Do I have any choice in the matter?”
“Hmmm.” He set his bag down next to her feet and contemplated her. “Well, of course you have a choice. You can choose to continue losing points in your worst event because you don’t have the core strength—”
Smiling, he pulled her into a quick hug. “Sometimes the truth hurts. Now come on. Do you want to get better at the bars or not?”
“Yeah.” But it didn’t mean she had to like it or like his methods, right?
“You’re not going to appreciate what I have in mind, but I think it will help.”  Yeah, he was a mind reader.
He pulled out a few small, marble shaped balls, and handed them to her. About an inch in diameter, they were cool to the touch, metal with a smooth, silky finish. “You ever use Ben Wa balls before?”
Shaking her head, she handed him back the shiny objects, not liking where this conversation seemed to be going. “Where exactly would I be using these things?”
He raised an eyebrow and cleared his throat, his gaze traveling down the front of her leotard.
“Oh hell no!” She turned to stalk away from the crazy man that wanted to put shiny balls inside her hoo-ha.
“Stop right there.”
She froze. She hated when that happened. His deep voice did things to her, making all rational thought escape, making her desire to obey every order he gave—whether she wanted to or not. “I don’t want shiny ball things inside me.” She pleaded, praying he would change his mind.
“I’m sure you don’t want to hold balls inside your vagina while you do your bar exercises.”
“What?” Did that terrified squeak come from her?
“The object is to tighten everything down there while you are doing your kips and rotations. That’s why you keep over- and under-maneuvering. If you can keep those shiny things, as you put it, from falling out, you will also feel just how controlled your body needs to feel while lifting your lower body to the bar.” He kissed her forehead gently, and she almost sagged against him, loving his clove and musk smell. “But it’s up to you. Only the toughest athlete, with the kind of attitude to tell press to fuck off and dye her hair crazy colors to piss off her parents, would be mentally strong enough to do this kind of training. It’s not going to be easy, and a quitter would never make it through.” He shrugged and reached to place the balls back into his bag.
“Just tell me what to do,” she growled so low she surprised herself.
His toothy grin and evil smirk preceded a low chuckle. Damn it, he knew how to play her, didn’t he? “Lie on your back on the high mat right there. I’ll help you this time.”

About Katherine Deane:
Katherine Deane is a multi-published, top 100 romantic and BDSM author and romantic at heart. 
She loves cheese, red wine, chocolate, and snuggling up with her daughters’ kittens while reading a good book.
When not reading, or writing, you can find her knitting, sewing, crafting, or doing pretty much anything to keep her hands busy. She has taken over the dining room AKA craft room, much to her husband’s dismay. In one of her books, an energetic “craftaholic” would find herself over her husband’s knee for losing an important document in a pile of bi-cone crystals and mod podge. Her real life, and the people in them, give her plenty of ideas to work with.
Katherine has dubbed herself the queen of cheese. Not only is she a former Midwestern Cheese Head; she also loves to incorporate it into her books.
In her opinion, all romance deserves at least one cheesy scene that makes you cry.
You can catch up with her at:
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