Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cover Reveal: My Sassy Settler Coming Soon!

My Sassy Settler Coming Saturday!

What should have been a wonderful new adventure for newlyweds Wyatt and Agatha Wilcox, was anything but. Wyatt's dreams of building a new life with the girl he'd met and wed while traveling on the Oregon Trail had turned into a nightmare. He loved his wife dearly but had no idea how to reach her.

Agatha knew she wasn't the wife that Wyatt had dreamed of. Despite her deep love for this man, she couldn't seem to cast aside all words and damnation she'd heard from her step-father for the past year. Her hope that she'd find a fresh start as Wyatt's wife and a true home on the ranch they were helping to build was overshadowed by the fact that her Ma was no longer with her and her knowledge that she was not the pure and innocent woman that Wyatt deserved. She knew she was a sinner, a woman too weak and too selfish to let the man she loved go free.

Dangers in this newly settled land weren't limited to the bears and wild cats that roamed the forests and mountains of the Willamette Valley. The deep cold of winter was coming and the ranch's inhabitants needed to prepare. It was with the help of friends, their partners in building The Double R Ranch, affectionately known as the Rose Ranch to its founders, that things come to a head and the first steps toward a new life are taken. Would the couple find their way past the hatred spewed by a self-proclaimed preacher to find that together they had the strength and the love to build the lives they each had envisioned and then share that life together.

With patience and love would Agatha learn to trust that this man would never let her down? Her sassy spirit won his heart, would his love win her soul?

My Sassy Settler is the second book in the Willamette Wives series, it also continues the story of Anna and Richard, Charity and James, and other characters first introduced in the best-selling book, His Passionate Pioneer.

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If these offend you, please don't purchase this book.

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