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Cover Reveal: My Sassy Settler Coming Soon!

My Sassy Settler Coming Saturday!

What should have been a wonderful new adventure for newlyweds Wyatt and Agatha Wilcox, was anything but. Wyatt's dreams of building a new life with the girl he'd met and wed while traveling on the Oregon Trail had turned into a nightmare. He loved his wife dearly but had no idea how to reach her.

Agatha knew she wasn't the wife that Wyatt had dreamed of. Despite her deep love for this man, she couldn't seem to cast aside all words and damnation she'd heard from her step-father for the past year. Her hope that she'd find a fresh start as Wyatt's wife and a true home on the ranch they were helping to build was overshadowed by the fact that her Ma was no longer with her and her knowledge that she was not the pure and innocent woman that Wyatt deserved. She knew she was a sinner, a woman too weak and too selfish to let the man she loved go free.

Dangers in this newly settled land weren't limited to the bears and wild cats that roamed the forests and mountains of the Willamette Valley. The deep cold of winter was coming and the ranch's inhabitants needed to prepare. It was with the help of friends, their partners in building The Double R Ranch, affectionately known as the Rose Ranch to its founders, that things come to a head and the first steps toward a new life are taken. Would the couple find their way past the hatred spewed by a self-proclaimed preacher to find that together they had the strength and the love to build the lives they each had envisioned and then share that life together.

With patience and love would Agatha learn to trust that this man would never let her down? Her sassy spirit won his heart, would his love win her soul?

My Sassy Settler is the second book in the Willamette Wives series, it also continues the story of Anna and Richard, Charity and James, and other characters first introduced in the best-selling book, His Passionate Pioneer.

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If these offend you, please don't purchase this book.

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Cover Reveal: A Little Sunshine November 8th

Coming Soon!

November 8th. 

A Little Sunshine
by Maggie Ryan and Abbie Adams

A vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun… who could turn that down? A librarian named Sunny that's who. After learning that her best friend, Tiffany, can no longer accompany her on their dream vacation, Sunny is prepared to stay home in her safe little world. Tiff is having none of that and forces Sunny to take the trip as well as promise to have enough fun for the both of them. Capitulating, Sunny boards the plane with nothing more than her beloved naughty books and her vivid imagination as her travel companions. The only redeeming factor is that she will have an entire week to indulge herself—even if only in her fantasies. 

Mexico has so much to offer—the sparkling Caribbean Sea, white beaches, lush green rain-forests and the heat is not confined to the sun. Sultry Latin men with nefarious plans, an ancient civilization and incredibly sexy identical cowboys give her everything she needs to fuel her daydreams. So why does one face keep creeping into her dreams?
Ever since she witnessed Tiff's older brother spanking his girlfriend, her mind has replayed and rewritten the scene a thousand times. How many times has she imagined taking the place of the girl over his lap, begging her Daddy not to spank her anymore? But, how can Trent become not only her lover but her Daddy if he doesn't know she is alive?

Every time Trent has tried to talk to Sunny, she hurries away, but the look in her eyes has his every instinct humming. Learning that she is alone in Mexico, his plan begins to develop. The moment he spies the beautiful, half-naked young woman over-indulging in Jose Cuervo, he knows it's time to bare his heart and, of course, turn her over his knee and spank her bare bottom. She's always been his Little Sunny but it was time to teach her all the ways she could burn.

What will happen when Sunny discovers that while she could easily choreograph a fantasy and wake up before she truly paid a price for her naughtiness, spankings given by a real flesh and blood Daddy on a bare backside really hurt! Or is Trent just a figment of her imagination and she is still dreaming?

The Protagonist by Bella Bryce

The Protagonist

Daisy Abbott is an author as eccentric as she is successful. She's also used to a certain rhythm when it comes to her writing: she sits at her desk, the hero speaks, she writes. Book done. After all, that's how she wrote thirty titles and she doesn't expect anything to be different during the working of her thirty-first manuscript. Daisy is convinced the protagonist of her newest book isn’t speaking to her and when he appears in the flesh to challenge her, she is transported to his time and place to better understand things from his perspective. The question is, whose story is it?

Daisy watched William retreat down the path toward the tent and took his instructions as permission to hide behind the rose bushes, and also to accept the Champagne offered to her by royal servants floating about the gardens. From where she stood, Daisy could see everyone but she was certain not everyone could see her. She watched William bow to the King and Queen and then offer another bow to Georgina. For someone who seemed so sure of his love for the girl, he certainly hid it well. Georgina didn’t even blush when she looked at him. She was on her second. Champagne and prepared to stash the flutes at the base of the shrubbery when a royal servant with a tray appeared beside her, again. She didn’t jump or seem surprised even as his presence caught her off-guard. The alcohol had already begun to seep into her reflexes.

“Oh, it’s you.” She looked at the tray he was holding with a further ten flutes of Champagne but when she saw the servant looking at the ones she’d stashed in the bushes, Daisy slowly lowered herself in the large gown and collected the flutes before depositing them on the tray. The servant cleared his throat and promptly turned like a toy soldier and marched away. Daisy watched the royal servant ascend a set of stone stairs nearby leading to a side entrance into the palace.

She raised her eyebrows. “Guess who will have the most accurate description of a palace in modern writing? This girl.”

Before Daisy could abandon the wall of rose bushes, but the sight of William approaching caused her to stay put and pretend to be inspecting them carefully. She assumed he wouldn’t approve of her following the servant into the palace. She narrowed her eyes when William got nearer but a hiccup gave her away.

“I see.”

Daisy suddenly abandoned the practice of being interested in the roses. “You left me unattended.”

William put his hands behind his back. “I was doing my duty by greeting the King and Queen. I will soon need to speak to others in my father’s absence.”

“Do I have to stay on your arm and fan my face?”

“No. You need to observe. We will go over it all this evening after you’ve written it out.”

“What with?”

“Parchment and ink. There is no fire wall here.”

Daisy knew he was referring to electricity and was even a little impressed he had the right words and intention, even though the idea wasn’t quite correct.

“So you want me to spy?”

William stepped closer. “You must stop using questionable terms, Daisy.”


“Unless you have already forgotten the year, you will keep words like Georgina, spy, my flat last night and questions like may I remove my bonnet? out of conversation, especially in public. It is not appropriate.”


Bella Bryce

I am a British writer of niche market fiction in the domestic discipline genre. My first duty is to write a compelling story with strong characterisation and dialogue that makes you feel involved. It just so happens that all of these elements are in a genre that is otherwise on the underside of the internet and is given very little credit for its literary merit.

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Twitter: @bella_bryce

Facebook: Author Bella Bryce

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Cover Reveal, Cherry's Jubilee (Lessons in Submission Book 2)

 Coming Soon!

October 11th 

Cherry's Jubilee
(Lessons In Submission Book 2) by Maggie Ryan

She'd played her way into his heart - 
but could he capture hers?

Charlotte Caulfield has spent her life feeling all alone though surrounded by the members of a theatre troupe. On the night she first steps onto the stage, she never expected to experience both mind numbing terror and hope. Thrown out into an alley for simply singing a song, she is hurt and frightened. Driven from her hiding place in her terror, she falls at the feet of a man who would change her life.

Lord Clayton Corsair had never again expected to see the angel who had captured his soul when she sang only that one song. He'd attended the theater as a favor to his godparents and yet couldn't have told anyone what the play had been about. The moment the small woman had lifted her eyes to his and he'd seen the terror and need in them, he'd been unable to think of anything else. He'd only returned to retrieve a forgotten fan when a scream shattered the silence of the night and a small form had flown from a nearby wagon.

He'd had no choice but to offer his help to the hysterical woman, not realizing that she was hurt or even her identity until he carried her to a circle of light. Shocked to discover that this was the angel herself, he promised to take her to safety. By the time he returned with a carriage, she had disappeared. His life that had already begun to shift, flipped again when she reappeared the next day. He discovered that she may sing like an angel but she cursed and fought like a wild animal.

Would he truly be able to change her life or would his godfather be correct in that women were offered few choices in their world? Could a titled man understand the reality of a woman born to a lower class and would she accept that he had no use for titles or the silly expectations of a society he was born into and yet ignored their beliefs? Charlotte would need to learn to trust and to stop making assumptions about his intentions. Determined to keep their baser needs from each other, will they miss the opportunity to find what they've both been searching for? With the help of Eleanor Summers and her students, will Charlotte learn that life does offer choices as long as she is willing to open her heart and take a chance?

She'd played her way into his heart but could he capture hers? Could he turn the beautiful broken bird into the magnificent nightingale she was meant to be?

Publisher's Warning: This book contains scenes of discipline as well as explicit sex including anal play. If these offend you, please do not purchase this book.