Thursday, July 23, 2015

New! An Author's Angst (Corbin's Bend)

An Author's Angst

Venia's world has revolved around words as long as she can
remember. She used words of love with her first husband and used words of comfort to ease their daughter's pain at his untimely death. As a mentor in the spanking community of Corbin's Bend, she's called upon her extensive experience with words to both soothe, comfort, scold, and coax those newly arrived residents. Hosting the local book club for the taken-in-hands of the community gives her an opportunity to add more words to her vocabulary. She absolutely adores words until the day they disappear. Facing a severe case of writer's block, she is feeling lost until she makes a decision. If the words won't come to her, she'll go to them.
Deciding to strike out in a new direction, her next book will focus on the horrifying aspect of some scientific experiment going terribly wrong. All she needs is a bit of help and finds it in Dina, after all, who better than a chemist to give her some very scary facts. Dina, like everyone who has ever met Venia, adores the older woman. Seeing a chance to do a bit of match making on her own, she insists she knows the perfect person for Venia to interview. Jeffrey Humphries is not only her boss and the lab manager where they both work, he is also single and living in Corbin's Bend.
The two meet, and it doesn't take long for Venia to discover that the man is no pushover. He has definite ideas about what makes a book worth reading and has no hesitation in making his point even if it means turning the tables on Venia. Venia is a bit shocked to discover the man has a way with words himself and has to decide if the price of breaking through her writer's block is worth the angst of loving another man who is ready, willing, and, oh so very able to turn her over his knees. Will she accept the new words he wishes to write upon her heart - and her backside?

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