Tuesday, June 2, 2015

B is for the beginning #A2Z @blushingmaggie

B is for the beginning, such a wonderful gift,
to tell each story, to tease, titillate and uplift.
What will happen – whose story will you read,
perhaps one of a loving figure you will trust to lead.
Or maybe a pirate will capture your heart,
you have no wish to escape, no desire to part.
A Lord of a forgotten era might be the one you desire
that single raised eyebrow, igniting your fire.
Beware of the books that you choose, for power they hold,
some might have you squirming and yearning for things yet untold.
Whatever you choose, whichever pages you turn,
I hope they cause you to laugh, cry, shout and yearn.
Whether a trip to a new place, or one you know,
remember, it's more fun if not alone you do go.
A tale of romance, sweet, erotic and hot,
allows all sorts of possibilities – some fun, others not.
A body sated, or a bottom red and well heated,
know that it is fine if a story begs to be repeated.
So curl up on a lap, arms holding tightly to thee, 
and share a book for that also starts with a 'B'.

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