Monday, June 29, 2015

#A@Z "X" Marks the Spot

X stands so strong, and it's said marks the spot,
To a buried treasure, but money my goal is not.
I have something more valuable than any circle of gold,
For I've found that one person of whom legends are told.
I look into your eyes, fall into their deep pools,
And know that seeking baubles is only for fools.
Your hand takes mine, I immediately shiver,
For just that touch makes every nerve quiver.
The words from your lips like fine wine do pour,
And I drink them in, my heart and soul start to soar.
You lift your hands to my clothing, gently is your plan,
To slowly undress me until naked I stand.
Hands lifted to cover are gently pushed to my side,
Over every inch of my body I watch your eyes slide.
Before your first touch, I'm quaking with lust,
When your commands are given, obey them I must.
With barely a movement, I sink to the floor,
With hands shaking, I wait for the words I adore.
Take me you speak, the words soft yet firm,
And I willingly engulf the object for which I yearn.
Hearing your breath quicken, causes my heart to race,
As I vary my speed, slow then fast is my pace.
Will you explode in my mouth, held in my lips,
No, for I feel your hands, my arms to grip.
Pulling me free, ignoring my cry,
Easily lifting me onto the bed to lie.
Taking both of my hands in just one of your own,
Binding my wrists in soft cuffs, pulling until I moan.
Hovering above me, just out of touch,
Knowing I want to feel you so much.
The smile that you grin, has my heart pounding,
The gasps you draw out as my nipples your tongue is rounding.
Please I beg but aren't shocked to be hushed,
Your hands on my thighs, spreading, watching me blush.
Shhh you whisper, I know what you need,
But no pleasure will you take without permission, agreed?
I can't I claim, my words simply allowed to wither and die,
You can, he states, or punishment will we try.
Oh God, my body is a bomb poised to explode,
And his head dips, taking licks, bites sure to make me implode.
Wiggling hips are stilled by being lifted high in the air,
To bring his target closer, my embarrassment not given a care.
Wait – what is that buzzing, whining sound that you hear,
It's you begging, warning that you are too near.
His head is lifted, tongue stilled for only one brief pause,
Not yet, remember a blistered ass your disobedience will cause.
How you obey, you will never know for sure,
But as he sinks deep inside, you find you can endure.
The strokes are hard, fast, slow, soft then repeated,
Until permission is given, the dance soon completed.
Yes, 'X' is a strong letter, capable of standing apart,

But real treasure is found within another's heart.

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