Monday, June 29, 2015

#A2Z Y is for You

Y is the letter that brings you to mind,
To have and to hold, my heart you did bind.
Young we were when we took our vows,
And young at heart we've remained from then until now.
For age is timeless when shared with your love,
Years have no affect when I see you above.
Eyes share the soul and yes, I can see,
That every day brings you closer to me.
Yearning for pleasure is not left to the young,
Every time we make love it's like we've only begun.
To discover the passion that is given each day,
To learn how to please in all sorts of ways.
A symphony played, each instrument has a role,
Until with a crescendo, our opus is told.
The power of this letter, this one called 'Y'

Tells me I'm loved until the day that I die.

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