Sunday, June 28, 2015

#A2Z "W" is for Whimper and Wanton

W a letter that is most fun to share,
For wonder and wishes are yours if you dare.
Walk with me, wander along winding shores,
While I whisper to you the words I adore.
Woe to the ones who will not take a chance,
To waltz and weave to a lover's dance.
Whimpers are weak but will become a wail,
As I worship each inch as your body's unveiled.
Wiggles and wags I'll never mind,
As I warm up your cute little behind.
Warbles of words whose meanings aren't clear,
As my fingers worm into places so dear.
My tongue will follow, working its way to that one spot,
That causes more than your bottom to become very hot.
Watching you writhe is a most worthy sight,
As I lick and suckle, then nip and bite.
Whines of passion waft about the room,
And I enter a warmth that almost causes a swoon.
Wicked it might be but wisely we don't care,
For nothing is wrong with the love that we share.
Wizards and wands are not needed tonight,
We'll share our bodies, not withholding delight.
Wanton is another word that is dear to me,
Show me, my love, exactly what do you need.
Every desire, every wish, I want to awaken,
As you give yourself – allow yourself to be taken.
Willingness to learn, wanting to try every toy,
I assure you can bring you the most wondrous joy.
Don't worry my love, the 'W' is your friend,
For I promise you pleasure that will never end.

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