Saturday, June 27, 2015

#A2Z "V" is for Valiant, Victory, and Velvet

V is a symbol of harmony and peace we are told,
A wonderful letter that touches hearts and souls.
Vibrant is a life shared by two lovers entwined,
As shown by couples throughout every era of time.
Battles are waged, wars are undertaken,
To win a heart where true love is unshaken.
Voices echo loudly as passion is raised,
Velvet hands stroking skin as roles are played.
Vanity has no place in this sensual game,
For all are beautiful when lover's your name.
Valiant is the one who dares to stand before you,
Trusting and giving, wanting to share in all that you do.
Vital it is that the love offered isn't taken for granted,
For even a small slip, the seeds of doubt can be planted.
Victory is not an easy a thing to be earned,
But is more rewarding the more that you yearn.
To visualize not your own pleasure – that is the key,
To set aside your desires – to forget about me.
To fill that vacancy deep within you with my love,
To cradle your soul, to lift you up far above.
To strip away your fears, to expose the veneer,
To prove that my love will always be clear.
For only in validity, in truth can we find,
The perfect partner to share our bodies and mind.
My true happiness, my pleasure is in my value to you,
To show you the love I wish you to view.
The secret that is hidden in the vault deep,
Is knowing that your love will return to my keep.
Never alone shall we stand on the verge,
Nothing can stop the love that in our hearts does surge.
'V' has two sides, both equal and without the other would fall,
But not if together we stand, giving each other our all.

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