Friday, June 26, 2015

#A2Z "U" is for Unique, Universal, Unbelievable

U looks like a vessel, a cup which we can fill,
With all the goodness lovers wish to instill.
Unique is the offer given to each soul every day,
What's unknown is if you'll act or delay.
Until we find that one special mate, the one meant to be,
The vessel will leak and always to remain empty.
But the unspoken promise, the universal prize,
Is to find your mate – your other half I surmise.
Once found, uplifting joy is shared,
Together discovery is given as souls are bared.
Useless bothers can be tossed in a bin,
As loved is found between her and him.
Holding the vessel in two pairs of hands,
Filling it with purpose becomes the plan.
Sorrows and loads are split as troubles are lightened,
And eyes full of love shared see every joy heightened.
Unbelievable passion, unearned grace can be found,
As vows, whispers, laughter, promises, are words given sound.
Don't let the task daunt you, to fill the empty 'U',
For the life full of love is what doing so will imbue.

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