Thursday, June 25, 2015

#A2Z "T" is for Tempting, Torturing, Teasing

T a letter with a bar, worn on the top,
Tempts us to play, never wanting to stop.
Touch is a magical word that we can employ,
To tantalize, to teach, to train, to enjoy.
Taunting terms that cause me to tremble and shake,
As teeth and tongue, my nipples do take.
Tasting, teasing, tugging each peak till it's taut,
Nipping, biting, suckling as pleasure is sought.
Tenderness has its place I am sure,
But today I need to feel my body endure.
Every tingle of nerves, every twitch of my skin,
Until I don't know where each of us ends.
Teach me to trust, target my soul and my heart,
Tempt me, tantalize me, take every part.
Torture me in every sensation,
Until I can't resist the temptation.
Turn me into the traveler who ignores time,
Tumbling and twirling our senses sublime.
Tall is the order for the letter 'T',
But a task we continue to fill for both you and me.

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