Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#A2Z "S" is for Sensual

S so sexy, so sinuous, so sleek, and stands for the five,
for each one of the senses help make us feel alive.
A touch against skin, whether of velvet or steel,
your hands, your body against me is what I wish to feel.
Tongues licking and tasting, teeth nipping and biting to draw a sweet gasp,
arms lifting and holding, your hands do I seek to clasp.
Aromas shifting as pleasure is sought, beginning our dance,
each step starting with that one special glance.
Slipping inside me, bodies surging with greed,
sounds of angels singing as you meet every need.
Soulmates is something very few will ever find,
special connections of both body and mind.
Speech is not needed, for our senses we use,
your mouth lowers, your lips to mine fuse.
Every pore of my body opens to bliss,
that I find in every single touch, every kiss.
Sparks shoot out from every nerve ending,
steps taken to make sure pleasure is what you are sending.
Seeking that spot, the one that lies hidden,
makes it impossible for me to refuse what is bidden.
I explode in your arms, come apart at the seams,
for 'S' stands for satiated, satisfaction, a sacred, sensuous team.

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