Saturday, June 20, 2015

#A2Z "R" is for Red

R - both rounded and straight is this letter,
one that responds to requests – sweetly asked is better.
Reasons aren't needed, explanations are rare,
when a girl turns from nice to naughty – as if to dare.
To break the rules, the boundaries to refuse,
as if her bottom has nothing to lose.
Rapidly remorse falls into place,
at the raised eyebrow, a look on a face.
Repeated promises, restated over and over again,
do no good as the lesson is about to begin.

Regardless of reminders of what is to come,
the remedy promised will feel hot as the sun.
Red is a very pretty intense color that's true,
a welt raised, a ridge stroked as a bottom reaches that hue.
Her raised voice will be reflected around the room as it flies,
resistance is futile, resulting in loud wails and sweet cries.
Reaching behind is a definite no,
as a hiney is given its own bright rosy glow.
Rotating the body, bringing a hot bottom to rest,
on a lap of a lover, the feeling of love is the best.
The punishment over, eyes meet, passions flare,
lust is rekindled by the spanking given with care.
But understood by the one that she holds most dear,
the only one who sees past the shine of her tears.
Strong hands cup each trembling cheek, a hot globe in each palm,
apology given - forgiveness granted – she is where she belongs.
For her red-roasted rear is what is required,
when breaking the rules her Master's concern has inspired.
The secret part that is reclusive, is through pain she finds relief,
and knowing that only he understands her beliefs.
Resonating wails of pleasure rebounds off the walls,
as into the abyss he allows her to fall.
'R' stands for the remarkable man who sees through her ruse,
her soulmate, her lover, her Dom, her muse.

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