Friday, June 19, 2015

#A2Z "Q" is for Queen

Q is quirky, a letter most queer,

and yet one that people hold dear.
Queen of my heart is the title I bestow,
every day with you, my love continues to grow.
You are the definition of a quintessential lover you see,
quietly demanding the best qualities out of me.
You've offered so much without a single qualm,
your pulse I can feel beneath my palm.
Lovemaking is not something we need do quick,
I take my sweet time ignoring time's tick.
If quick I desire to have explained,
is how your breath quickens as your body is claimed.
Querulous is not a title you wish to obtain,
for pouting and whining won't win you this game.
I smile with your words, your phrases so cutely quotable,
but know this, my love, your need is wordlessly notable.
Quality not quantity is the mantra I chant,
as pleasure is something to you I will eventually grant.
Having you fall apart in my arms is the purpose of 'Q',

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