Thursday, June 18, 2015

#A2Z "P" is for Passion

P, oh how many words can I say,
pleasure, pain, and perfection is found in our play.
Pleasing you is all that I wish to do,
perhaps because I know that you'll please me too.
Plenty of promises given are quickly broken,
but our vows, our oaths were already spoken.
Primal is our need to be with the other,
plentiful and eternal is our love for one another.
Placing you under me, our pulses will race,
as I perceive the pure lust written across your face.
Pride has no purpose, no – not in our bed,
pinnacles of pleasure are our goal instead.
Give me your trust it's the only price you must pay,
and I give you my heart, my love as we lay.
The taste of your skin underneath each stroke of my tongue,
your head thrashing on the pillow but we've only begun.
Nipples are pulsing, hardening into small little stones,
as I pluck, suckle and bite, loving each of your moans.
Patience again I reply to your pleas,
there is oh so much more - many possibilities you see.
Lowering your panties, pressing open your thighs,
seeing goose flesh pebble, hearing each needy sigh.
Moving to gaze down upon the body beneath,
I take no pity on your cries as you beg for relief.
Poised above you, at the entrance to heaven I pause,
primitive lust shared is not without cause.
For love is the most powerful gift you can give,
providing points of time we wish to relive
There's no need to push, no rush is involved,
for, my darling, our lovemaking's evolved.
To a level above, we climb slowly to the peak,
until I finally permit you the pleasure you seek.
Let me serve you, permit me to take you to the summit,
and as your body I plunder, over the peak we will plummet.
Come with me my love as the letter 'P' is defined,
and let it consume us both with all that's divine.

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