Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#A2Z "O" is for Orgasm

O is such a perfect letter, a circle, a sphere,

and begins so many words we hold dear.
One is not lonely – joining another makes two,
offering opportunities for both me and you.
Open yourself to the opus I play,
often heard at any time of the day.
For love shared whether in the sun or under the moon,
in the glade of a meadow or inside a room.
Nothing is more organic than this,
the sharing of love, the finding of bliss.
Oh can be heard softly whispered or shouted,
as bodies are worshiped, love given – never doubted.
The climb to the peak, the abyss we must face,
as fingers pluck, tongues taste, bodies join in the race.
To discover the explosion, the award – the great prize,
couples lovingly devour each other with only their eyes.
O stands for oxygen that we need with each breath,
as we tumble together into that small little death.
Only together is the 'O' that I seek to find,

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