Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#A2Z "N" is for Naughty

N is another that can have opposites attracting,

for even very nice girls can become very distracting.
Sweet and kind are very good traits for which to adhere,
but, honestly, sometimes being nice is quite boring I fear.
Let's face it, naughty trumps nice any day,
so N is not negative, well not all the time I can say,
Naughty can be so much more fun, you see,
finding you quickly bent over a knee.
Nipples grow hard, begging for you to suckle,
as I see your hand reach for your belt buckle.
The sound of the leather as from loops it comes free,
has my body trembling, quivering, as I'm called to thee.
Standing before you, I am yours to command,
for I've given myself over to all you demand.
Bared before you, no clothing in which to hide,
nerves tingling, breath panting as I'm drawn to your side.
Guiding me gently, you bend me over the bed,
hands taken and to the rail above are led.
The firm press of your hand at the small of my back,
tells me my nates no color will lack.
Prepared, I lift my bottom up for the first stroke,
to pay the price my choice to be naughty did invoke.
The crack of the leather echoes throughout the room,
but feelings are of ecstasy – not those of gloom.
Line after line appears on my flesh,
as need and desire together do mesh.
Never mind the thoughts of others not understanding the lesson,
you and I both know the need for each session.
After it's over, the spanking is done,
I know that for you, I am your only one.
Into your arms I fly to feel love as you nurture,
knowing that many more spankings are in my future.
Words need not be said for we speak from our hearts,
never wanting to ever be far apart.
So this one little letter, this 'N' you see,

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