Monday, June 15, 2015

#A2Z "M" is for Master

M is magical, mysterious and Mmmm, so delicious,
as you look into my eyes and discover my wishes.
Maybe you'll tease until I am groaning,
mayhap you'll not, and love me until I am moaning.
Miraculous, maddening minutes of bliss from your touch,
magnificent memories that I love ever so much.
Malleable I am to mold to your desires,
my lover, I beg you to set me afire.
Muffled moans of protest, sounds of begging ignored,
meaningless now as you touch me, every inch you explore.
I may blush, might squirm, mewl and pretend to be meek,
but Master, I beg you – take me in every way that you seek.
Maneuvers are made, meaningful commands to me you give,
as stroke by stroke, you teach me what it means to really live.
Millions of nerves are throbbing and making ready to burn,
my body, my heart, my soul have so much to learn.
A meager lifetime won't do, we need a Millennium at least,
to feel, to touch, to taste - to truly enjoy the feast.
All you need know, my love, about the letter 'M'
is that I'd choose you, my everything, all over again.

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  1. Another great post. I think you should have a special award for writing all your blogs in rhyme.


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