Saturday, June 13, 2015

#A2Z "K" is for Kiss

K is so special, as it begins every kiss,
whether to say hello or tell you've been missed.
Keep is another word that is dear to your heart,
for never do we wish for those we love be apart.
K has a secret weapon as well,
as it goes from hard to soft with the story it tells,
Kneel is a word where the K disappears,
and yet the meaning is held very dear.
To see you looking at me with eyes full of lust,
as I smile, wishing to serve as I must.
No matter the choices, no matter the kink,
into your heart and body I wish to sink.
My heart fills with joy as my tongue makes you keen,
as you squirm, twist and finally explode with a scream.
Sharing those moments with love is the key for our 'K',
thank you for sharing them with me every magical day.

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