Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#A2Z The End is Z

Z is the last letter in our line,
But, my friend, it is often divine.
For being last gives it a special place,
As long as there's love, it can still win the race.
Zest for life, for each other is its purpose you see,
Zero is the others that come between you and me.
Together we don't care if we are first or the last,
Our love had a beginning, a future and past.
Every time you reach out your hand to take mine,
The feelings and emotions I feel are sublime.
Your lips crushed to mine, tell of your love,
As you join with me, I hear songs of angels above.
Thank you for joining me in this little game,
I just pray you've enjoyed it as letters I tried to explain.
Though 'Z' is the twenty-sixth letter my friend,

Remember our journey and not just the end.

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