Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jordan Abbot, Behind Blue Eyes (Hell's Vipers Book 2)

When Nuke's brother shows up at the Hells Vipers Motorcycle Club, he brings trouble with him, in more ways than one. Holden was always the good son, or so Nuke's family thought, but Nuke knows some things his mother and sister don't. The love of Nuke's life, Jasmine, knows something is wrong as soon as Holden comes back into Nuke's life. As Nuke struggles with the responsibilities that have come with his new position in the Hells Vipers, Holden's presence threatens to undermine his position and his relationship.

Life’s gotten difficult for other members of the club, too. Hells Vipers full patch member Kevin has given up his position in the club in the aftermath of a betrayal that has left him bitter, and Pipe looks for love as he copes with a dangerous crush.

Meanwhile, just what is Holden up to? And can Nuke and Jasmine survive what's in store when Nuke's blood relative comes into their lives as they're trying to form a family of their own?

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Detective Lauer bent down even farther. He leaned forward until he was inches away from Nuke’s face. It was a brave move for a little man. Handcuffed or not, he could still kick his ass. “I read your rap sheet, Jason Stuart. I don’t like you.”

“Don’t feel bad. A lot of people don’t like me,” Nuke said as he cracked a smile and winked at him.

“I’m personally going to make sure that you get thrown so far into the hole, you won’t remember what daylight is!”

“You do know that solitary confinement isn’t truly a hole? That’s just an expression. Back in the day you could throw a prisoner in a hole but us criminals got rights now,” Nuke said and grinned again.

“Fuck you, Stuart.”

“You should keep your sexual fantasies about me to yourself,” Nuke shot back.

Detective Lauer stood back up and motioned to one of the patrolmen. “Take this piece of shit downtown, and don’t worry, biker boy. I’m going to make sure the ATF, DEA and any other three-letter government agency is aware that we got us a Hells Vipers on a first-degree murder charge and attempted sexual assault.

Want to know more about Jordan? So do I. I did manage to sneak in one quick question. 

Where do you find inspiration for your stories? When you write, do you ever model any characters after actual people?
Usually the people I don’t like end up being characters.

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