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Coming Soon! Reunion (Hunter's Ridge Series)
In this, the third book of the best-selling Hunter’s Ridge series, twin sisters, Louisa and Lucy, are looking forward to reuniting after several months apart. Though they correspond regularly, letters are nothing compared to being together, sharing their lives, and whispering their secrets to one another.

Anticipation has caused both to be naughtier than usual—but their husbands, who are also very strict Papas, have no hesitation in reminding them what happens when their Little brides test the rules.

After a very educational evening visit to Miss Eleanor Summers' school, Louisa’s eyes are opened to what might be if she continues her bratty ways—and her attitude is quickly adjusted. Lord Edward Wintercrest has not only taken possession of an intriguing box from Eleanor to share with his best friend and Lucy’s Papa, Lord Lucas Huntington, he has also ensured that the long carriage ride to Hunter’s Ridge will offer his precious little lady comfort and distraction from boredom.

Lucas’ family is excited about the upcoming visit as they prepare for the holidays and the final ball of the season. And Lord Stefan Northbridge is not one to sit idly aside when there is a chance to do a bit of matchmaking. Will Franny be able to trust another suitor after her narrow escape from the clutches of Lord Drakemore?

Is Ettie ready to put away her childhood toys as she enters the grown-up world, or is she looking for a man far more like her brother than Lucas realizes?

Only a few things are certain: no matter what the future holds for the others at Hunter’s Ridge, both Lucy and Louisa will continue to be cherished and coddled by their husbands—and their Papas will always be there to remind them of their vows to submit. With their unwavering love for these precious women, and unfaltering attention to their backsides whenever they step out of line, this reunion exceeds both sisters' expectations.

Once again, Maggie Ryan, the queen of Victorian ageplay erotica, combines love, friendship, humor, and delicious scenes of discipline and lust to tell a story that is as heartwarming as it is sexy. 

Watch for its release, May 4th. 

"Kitten, I have something for you," Lord Lucas Huntington said, as he pulled her onto his lap and dropped a kiss onto her forehead.
"What is it, Papa?" Lucy asked, her eyes meeting his, her heart beating a bit faster as possibilities ran through her mind. Her husband often gave her gifts; some that she found wonderful, such as Cleo, the white kitten he'd given her before they married, or the gift of Delilah, her horse. Thoughts of other gifts had her squirming a bit on his lap as she wondered if the 'something' would be a new item her Papa would soon be applying to her bare bum.
Instead of giving her an answer, Lucas pulled the white envelope from his pocket. He smiled as he placed it in her hand. "I believe you'll find it to be the news you've been waiting for," he said and grinned, patting her plump bottom, "a bit impatiently, I might add."
Lucy felt her face heat. Impatiently was one way of putting it—naughtiness was another. The lack of news had been what had caused her to be bent over the arm of her Papa's chair, her skirts buttoned at her shoulders, her drawers at her ankles as her Papa applied crisp smacks of a paddle to her bottom to remind her that whining and pouting were not acceptable ways of behavior. Pushing that thought away, she ran her finger across the familiar handwriting.
"It's from Louisa," she said, her smile lighting her face.
"Open it, Kitten."
She did so, and her unbridled squeal of delight told of her pleasure as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "They are coming! Louisa and Uncle Edward are going to be here soon and, Papa, they are going to stay for a whole month!" Though they often exchanged letters, actually being able to sit and talk, to giggle and share their stories, would be a wonderful way to begin the holiday season. She couldn't wait for her twin to meet her sisters and Emmie Northbridge; another child/bride who had become a dear friend.
"I wish they were already here," Lucy said, leaning against her Papa's chest. "It's so hard to wait. They should have left the day Louisa's letter was mailed… then they might be here already."
He chuckled as he cupped her face between his palms. "Little one, let's be grateful that your Uncle Edward has obviously arranged to take the time away from his business endeavors. They will come for the holidays and, if you are my good little one, I shall invite Lord Northbridge and Emmie to come and stay for a bit while they are here." He bent to press his forehead to hers when she appeared about to protest. "It would be a shame if you spent the next few weeks with a hot little bottom, Lucille."
Experience had taught her that her Papa wouldn't hesitate to warm her backside if she continued to pout. Remembering her Nanny Molly extolling for the hundredth time that patience was a virtue, Lucy wisely decided to accept the fact that it would be a few more weeks before she and Louisa could have their reunion. Nodding, she gave Lucas a smile. "Yes, Papa, I'll be good. I'm just so excited. Seeing Louisa will be the best present ever."
He smiled back as he bent to kiss her cheek. "I am glad to see you so happy. Just remember, Kitten, you are the only present I shall ever need."

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