Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Spanks at Miss Summer's School

"How many has Nanny Jenkins given you, Alexandria?"

Squirming again and wishing she hadn't asked the question, she lowered her gaze. "Um, two."

"I see," Eleanor said. "Other than the one you received before I saw you in your naughty corner, tell your Papa and me why you received another."

Alexandria truly didn't want to admit the reason but knowing that a cane was in the room and pretty positive a paddle must be as well, she forced herself to answer. Stammering a bit, she told them about the second spanking.

Eleanor waited until Alexandria lifted her eyes to hers. "And, little one, is there anything else you feel you need to confess?"

Miss Eleanor Summers runs an exclusive finishing school, made special not only by the caliber of her clients, who include such notable members of Victorian society as Lord Edward Wintercrest, Lord Lucas Huntington and Headmaster Charles Lloyds, but also by the types of lessons she provides to her pupils.

Her clients come from all stations in life, but they all have one thing in common: a deep passion for what she can teach her students. For every girl who sits in a classroom, bends over a chair to have her bottom reddened, or stands with her nose to the wall to contemplate her behavior, is special. These women need more than a husband to fulfill all their needs - they need a firm and loving Papa, as well.

After searching for over a year, Lord Maximilian Hollister believes he has not only found the girl he's been seeking, he's certain he's found the very woman he's been looking for his entire life. The question is, will Alexandria Bannister agree with him?

Can she find it in her heart to trust the words she's memorized from her only legacy from her father - letters now singed and faded? Can she admit to the deep and shameful desires her new journey is arousing in her? When Lord Hollister enrolls her as a pupil, is she ready to be the newest student at Miss Summers' school? And will her classmates be able to help her understand that the lessons she learns there will serve her well?

The school does not merely provide an education - it also provides a choice; and a chance to discover how passion and the need to serve can lead to the kind of fulfillment Alexandria would never have dreamed of before she entered this unique establishment.

From best-selling Victorian ageplay author Maggie Ryan comes the first book in her new 'Lessons in Submission' series; a detailed glimpse into Miss Summers' School, where discipline is harsh but the rewards delicious. As fans of her 'Women of Wintercrest' and 'Hunter's Ridge' books will recognise, this is a spin-off of those series, with some familiar - and plenty of new characters.


  1. Knowing those things are around would give one a great urgency to be truthful.

  2. This is sitting patiently on my Kindle waiting nicely.....

  3. It's always best to tell the truth.


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