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Rosie's Resolution Sample (Part 1) and A FREE BOOK

The boxed set is only going to be available for about a month, and then the books will be broken down and sold individually. So if you want all five books together at discounted price of $9.99, now’s your chance. Hate having to buy a story when you don’t know if you’re going to like it? So do I. So, for this week and this week only, myself, Tabitha Black, Darling Adams, Addie Adams and Maren Smith will all be posting the first chapters of our stories on our blogs so you can sample each of our styles.

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Rosa paced in front of her bed, one hand holding her cell phone to her ear, the other waving the papers she had been contemplating - again. Silver, as her dear friend was to be addressed while at the Castle, was actually here. She had flown all the way from Australia and Rosa had just promised to be there to greet her when she stepped off the bus that would bring her to the Castle.

“Thanks, Rosie. You’ve really helped reassure me.” Silver’s voice did sound far calmer than it had at the beginning of the conversation. Of course, maybe the fact that she admitted she had been hitting the mini-bar in her hotel room was giving her some much needed liquid courage as well. Lucky girl – alcohol was prohibited pretty much at the Castle so Rosa didn’t have that choice.

“What are friends for? I can’t wait to see you, Silver. I’ll see you after you go through orientation,” Rosa reassured her once more before saying good-bye. Pushing the button to end the call, she tossed the phone onto the bed before flopping down beside it, avoiding the eyes she knew were watching her every move and the ears that, unfortunately, had heard most of the conversation. She could practically hear the gears turning in Bess’s head wondering how on earth Rosa could be so upbeat and reassuring to her Australian friend when only moments before the phone had rung she had thrown out the possibility that she was thinking about withdrawing from the auction – and at the very last moment.

“Lying is a very punishable offense, you know,” Bess said. “As a Nanny at the Castle, you know very well that if a Little is caught lying, at the very least their backside is going to be burning.”

Groaning, Rosa fell backwards onto her bed, the papers in her hand fluttering to fall around her. “I know, God, I know but I feel like a ping-pong ball. What the hell am I going to Bess shook her head and rose from her chair. “Here’s exactly what you are going to do.

You are going to pull up your Big-girl panties and take those papers down to Master Marshall’s office. As it is, you are really pushing the time limit.” Ignoring Rosa’s moan, she reached down and pulled Rosa to a sitting position. “Come on, you know you want to do this. You’ve been dreaming about it since the moment the auction was even announced as being a possibility. For God’s sake, you even wrote out a list of your resolutions for the new year, and correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t ‘don’t chicken out’ at the top of the list?”

“That was before I realized that I’m terrified. I mean, what was I thinking? What if Silver is right and some troll or horrible person bids on me? Oh, God, what if no one bids on me? Bess, if you were really my friend, you would have talked me out of this ridiculous scheme.”

“You know good and well that Marshall would never let that happen – not to you, not to Silver and not to a single submissive going up for auction.” Bess stood straighter, her hands going to her hips as she put on her strict ‘Nanny’ face. “Rosalind Raye Reynolds, you made me swear not to let you back out and if you don’t straighten up, young lady, I’m going to spank you myself!”

Rosa had to smile and then giggled knowing how very effective that ‘look’ was when directed to one of the many clients who came to the Castle to live out their fantasies of being a Little instead of living with the responsibilities of their normal Big world. She had met Bess when she got a job at the most talked about place in this part of Ohio.

When she had first seen the Castle, her mouth had fallen open and her insides began quivering. It was as if she had stepped back in time. Fields of wheat had been waving in the distance, large groves of trees and other landscaping making it appear as if some ancient castle had been caught up in a tornado and plopped down into the middle of nowhere. We’re not in Kansas anymore had popped into her head. Though she didn’t own a pair of ruby slippers, she clicked her heels together three times and declared herself home.

Rosa discovered two things within her first few days of work. The first was that the 15th century castle had actually been brought over from Scotland and reassembled, stone by stone. The second was that she absolutely loved her job in the Nursery section of the Castle. It hadn’t taken her a day before she realized that there was something about attending to these adult men and women during their stay that filled her heart. It was amazing watching the transformation overcome them as grown-up clothing was removed and childish attire took its place. It was as if with every piece of clothing discarded, stress was released and the happiness of childhood was donned. She had laughed with Bess and the other women that worked as governesses at the antics of their charges, had participated in preparing the naughty ones for punishment, had cuddled quite a few and had ultimately discovered that she wanted to be one of them. Managing to keep her desire secret for a long time, she had finally admitted to it the day a charity auction was announced and submissives were being sought.


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When Master Marshall announces the first Castle slave auction for charity at the end of the year, Wardrobe assistant Janice is intrigued. The thought of being sold to an unknown Dominant for three consecutive nights is both thrilling and terrifying.

Janice has been spanked plenty of times before, but there's one thing she's always wanted to experience; she's just never, not in two years of working there, been brave enough to ask for it.

The idea of auctioning off willing submissives to honor founding Master Don's memory causes a ripple of excitement throughout the resort, and everyone on staff is affected.

Winter is, after all, traditionally the quietest season of the year, and an event this unusual - and kinky - is bound to bring the guests flocking to the Castle.

Janice is conscientious enough to know that she'll be so flat out in the Wardrobe, helping the auction participants find the perfect costumes for the occasion, there's no way she'll be able to take part herself. That thought is both a relief and a disappointment. Still, unless she manages to get her increasingly disturbing fantasies about one of the resident Masters under control, she's worried she might go insane.

So when her best friend and colleague, Ellen, gives her an ultimatum, Janice must choose: Ask to play with the man who's been haunting her dreams at night, or put herself up for sale to the highest bidder.

Can Janice find the courage to fulfill her ultimate fantasy?

Includes 5 free preview chapters of the "Master's of the Castle" box set, "When the Gavel Falls", coming January 24th from Blushing Books. 

Rosie's Resolution 
'Don't chicken out' - those three little words are at the top of Rosa's list of resolutions. Sure, she's never before kept any of her past resolutions for even a week, but she is determined that this year it will be different. As soon as Master Marshall announced that a Charity Auction would be held to honor one of the Castle's founding Masters, Don, Rosa knew it was fate. As an employee of the Castle, that marvelous place where any and all dreams and fantasies can become reality, she knows that this is the time to pursue her dream. Time to remove her Nanny uniform and don the clothes she has been dreaming of wearing for as long as she can remember. 

This New Year's Eve, she will stand on the stage and pray that someone will bid for her and want to be her Daddy. The moment the gavel falls, Rosa becomes Rosie - the Little girl who will spend the next few days discovering what it's like to be taken care of, to be cuddled, and loved... not only by a handsome, wonderful Daddy, but, to her immense surprise, by a beautiful, loving Mommy as well... Will she discover that being Little isn't all fun and games? Will she admit when she's been naughty - remembering that breaking rules has painful consequences for her backside? Will she keep her resolutions long enough to find the answers she seeks? And even if she doesn't chicken out, will her heart be able to pay the price?

Punishing Portia
When well-known chef and restaurateur David Marone recognizes the food critic who just lambasted him in a review on the charity auction block, he bids an inordinate amount to keep her as his slave for three nights. He remembers the haughty foodie from culinary school seventeen years earlier, and relishes the idea of getting even with her for her mean-spirited review.
Portia Sands hopes the dark and gorgeous Chicago chef who won the bid for her at the Castle charity auction doesn’t know her real identity as the food critic who tore him apart in a review the week before. She finds he hasn’t changed since culinary school--still arrogant, over-confident and domineering. Unfortunately, he has the same effect on her now as he did then: reducing her to a trembling mass of jello.
When he pushes her to her limits, placing her in a cage like a pet, she discovers he knows who she is, and means to exact revenge. She considers calling the Castle safeword to end their time together, but some part of her won’t allow it. Somehow she must survive three nights as his slave and keep her heart in the process.

Buying Brianny
He was a man for fuck's sake. A man living in the twentieth century where treating a woman delicately had been bred into him. You never hit a girl, his mother had taught him that from a tender age. Women's rights were touted hither and yon. Spanking was for disobedience in children. No, children weren't spanked anymore either.

Kian had been spanked many times as a child. His single mother might have seemed like a country mouse, but she'd walloped him good on more than one occasion. And he'd deserved everything she dished out. He knew it—and he knew she loved him and wanted the best for him too.

That hadn't worked with an ex of his though. She hadn't thought of it as loving when he'd busted her ass for drinking and driving. No, she'd ended the relationship in a hurry. Of course he'd never repeated the mistake with another women. Not even his Brianny, who as it turns out, has craved discipline among other things.

Brianny has a bucket list, not the kind you want to do before you die—the kind you do before you get married. Okay, maybe not that either, but her sister says unless Brianny explores her inner submissive, she'll never be content with her future husband.

But what if said future husband turns her away because he doesn't like her submissive side? It had taken Brianny a pint of Hot Damn and her kinky sister to even put voice to her secret desires.

Some people go to strange and amazing lengths to prove their love. All Brianny wants as proof is for Kian to buy her at The Castle's New Year's Eve charity auction, then tie her up and take away her control. Consentual, non-consent, that’s what her sister had called it. Was that too much to ask?

Will Kian pay the asking price?

Sharing Silver
It’s been six months since her vanilla marriage ended in divorce, and Sylvia is craving some fun and excitement – not to mention kink. So when her friend Rosa tells her about a slave auction being held at her workplace, the Castle, Sylvia throws caution to the wind and signs herself up to fly all the way to America to be sold off to the highest bidder under the nickname Silver. Gorgeous twin Castle Masters, Travis and Trevor, can have any girl they choose – and frequently do. The only downside to topping female guests, however, is the fact that there’s never enough time to build trust. So when Trevor hears about the auction, he decides it’s time to be selfish, and he and his brother set about looking for a plaything they can do whatever they want with – a girl with as few limits as possible. When Silver and the twins meet, the chemistry is instantaneous and palpable. But all too soon, something more begins to develop between the three. What should have been a few days of physical excitement turns into an emotional roller coaster – not only for Silver, but for Travis and Trevor as well. Overwhelmed by the events at the BDSM resort – and her feelings – Silver tries to get to grips with her past, as well as the fact that she’s rapidly falling in love with the two biggest playboys in Ohio. In turn, Travis and Trevor are smitten by the mysterious girl from Australia, but whenever they try to get closer emotionally, she clams up. Can the twins make her see what she means to them before it’s too late, and Silver gets back on the plane home?

Owning O
She's the most highly-coveted submissive the Castle has ever known. She never says no, never cries her safeword, and never plays with the same Dom twice. For years Alan has watched her, always looking but never allowed to touch until the night the Castle hosts its first ever charity auction. Seizing his chance, Alan bids, but defeating the other Doms in the audience is only the first and easiest step in his bid to own the infamous O. Freeing her from herself quickly proves to be much, much harder... Owning O. Welcome to the Castle.

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