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Welcome Maggie Ryan to #SaturdaySpankings #SatSpanks with A Submissive's Gift

Hello, Saturday Spankers. It's a thrill to be among your ranks. ;) 

I'm fairly new to the blogging world but not new to writing. I have 15 books to date, and am excited to play in your sand box, (so to speak. LOL). Please bear with me as I learn the ropes. 

Here is a snippet from my latest release, A Submissive's Gift, coming from my Divine Designs series. Please let me know what
you think. 


"I do believe I'm seeing a pattern here," Logan said, sitting back in his chair and looking around the table. He grinned at his parents, feeling truly blessed that he had a family who were truly amazing. "I see it like this. First, Bunny over there practically screams the word 'no' to her daddy—which, as every sub here knows, is a definite 'no-no'. Then, Ariel attempts to use her, um, talents to bribe her Dom instead of trusting his impeccable work ethic, as well as accusing her brother of cheating when we all know he has unimpeachable morals. And lastly, Nancy not only interrupts a conversation, but she then attempts to accuse Bunny in some scheme to change a perfectly functioning Woodshed. Gentlemen, I do believe our subs are all attempting to tell us something. Anyone want to guess what I'm thinking?"

A Submissive's Gift (Book 4)
From best-selling author Maggie Ryan comes this, book number four in her popular 'Divine Designs' series.

Elizabeth's dream has become a reality as she and Logan, along with their family and friends, prepare to open the doors to Haven. Despite an event that tests their security protocols, the couples know that, together, they can overcome any challenge.

Ariel and Garrett, newly engaged, continue to explore their chosen lifestyle - that of a darker side of BDSM.

Barbara continues to explore her Little side, and, thanks to Craig's love and guidance, she discovers that her decision to leave her old life behind and pursue a career beside her man was the right thing to do.

Nancy and Jason are delighted to do what they can to help Elizabeth put the final finishing touches to her dream BDSM getaway.

With tickets to the opening night selling out almost immediately, this special group of friends work hard to make sure that no stone is unturned in their quest to make Haven the most incredible hotel, offering its unique experience to their first guests.

Join them as Haven's doors open to deliver its gift - the chance for everyone to revel in their own personal kink - and to find the most precious gift of all: unconditional love.

Haven's Promise (Book 3)
This book is about the power of a dream, about being brave enough to choose the unique lifestyle that fulfills you. It is about the choices the women of HOPEFUL have made with the men they love.

Elizabeth is not only Logan's fiance, she is his partner in play. They enjoy a D/s relationship that fulfills them fully, neither ever forgetting the magical night when Logan's love gave her the strength to let go of her past. When Logan informs her of what he wants the first ceremony performed at Haven to be, is she ready to take that step?

Barbara has shed her business suit for the comfort of Craig's arms. As Bunny, his special Little, she is learning all sorts of lessons, and loving every one - even when she's face down over his lap as he drills his discipline home with the palm of his hand. Having discovered that she loves, and thrives on, their special kind of relationship, is she ready to explore that side of herself more deeply?

Garrett adores Ariel, the feisty woman who manages to get herself into all sorts of situations with her mischievous, impulsive spirit. She might drive him to distraction with her antics, but he's determined to spend the rest of his life taking her in hand. They continue to explore their relationship, and the darker needs they both have. But will Logan be able to accept that his baby sister has grown into a strong, beautiful woman, capable of making her own choices?

Nancy is thrilled to be helping Haven come to life. She loves nothing more than to design, shop, and spend time with her fellow club members. Her husband, Jason, has the patience of a saint, and allows his creative wife the room she needs to spread her wings. He knows she will never fly too far. When he feels her stepping out of bounds, he knows exactly how to bring her back: that while his wife loves the smell of leather, she doesn’t particularly love it when that same leather is being applied to her backside.

Life is full of choices. What choices will these couples make? How will their lives be transformed even as they watch the old, ramshackle house be turned into the hotel of their dreams? Are they all ready to share the promise of Haven?

Don't miss this, the third book of the Divine Design series by best-selling author Maggie Ryan.

This is book two in the Divine Design series. Logan's love helped set Elizabeth free to find her voice. Together, they are looking forward to bringing the run-down house back to life to become Haven, the hotel of Elizabeth's dreams. As family and friends gather to begin renovating the old house, Barbara, Logan’s sister, is quick to show her true feelings about the entire concept of a hotel catering to the D/S lifestyle and the people building it.

When she finds herself bottom up over the lap of a man she doesn’t even know getting the back of her jeans warmed, her first thoughts are those of threatening to have him arrested for assault. Craig’s response is to inform her that she is to come to him and ask him to finish the spanking she knows she deserves. Despite her determination that hell will freeze over before she asks anything of this dominant alpha male, Barbara can’t stop thinking about the short spanking as well as his words.

Seeing past her attorney persona and finding a kindred spirit, the other women refuse to let Barbara remain uneducated in what true submission offers. Can she step away from her past and trust someone to show her that her hidden dreams and secret desires can move from fantasy to reality? Can she find the strength to allow herself to let go of the control she’s clung to all her life and let another guide her down a path she needs to walk?

As she explores new possibilities, Logan and Elizabeth explore a shed hidden in the woods behind Haven. The discovery promises to add even more possibilities for those couples who are not afraid to live their lives as they desire; sharing in the lifestyles that make each individual unique. This book is meant for adults only. It contains the spanking of adult women, elements of the D/S lifestyle, explicit sex, and explores the dynamics of age-play. If any of these offend you, please don’t purchase this book. If however, you enjoy books of intense love with a bit of spice, please read on!

Designed for Submission (Book 1)
<a href="">Designed for Submission (Divine Designs Book 1)</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
Elizabeth's life changed the moment she saw a sleek, black, limousine pull up to the curb outside the restaurant where she and her dearest friends were having a celebration dinner before going to the local club to play. Though she knew she shouldn't, she found herself stepping back into the shadows as the man she had bumped into earlier led his companion to the car. Her breath caught in her throat as she witnessed a scene that would follow her into her dreams.

Elizabeth had thought she had a clear idea of how she wished to live her life. She found happiness in her designs, spending time with her friends and occasionally playing in the local clubs. She is a copartner in her own design firm as well as working on a plan to fulfill her own dream project. She doesn't have the time to waste fantasizing about what might have happened after the car door closed on the couple from the limo.

Little did she dream that she would not only come face to face with the man she named her "Limo Man", but that he would demand she learn the exact meaning of clarity.

He demands absolute honesty in all things. He has known quite a few submissive women, but none like the small, dark haired beauty who is Elizabeth Adams. She steals his heart and captures his soul.

Logan knows she is fighting her own demon and he has no weapon to slay it. Can he teach her that freedom comes from total submission? Can he convince her that he will always be there to help her fly and catch her when she falls? Will she trust him enough, love him enough to gift him with the single part of her that she has withheld for years? After all, there are no limits to dreams and sharing them only makes them grow stronger.

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Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and invite you to check out my Christmas story, The Christmas Pickle. 

The Christmas Pickle

Jennifer never knew the love and support of anyone until she meets Blake in the Principal's Office. She is the new English teacher and their attraction is instant.

When Blake informs her of what he is seeking in order to deepen their relationship, Jennifer discovers the support and love she has never had in her life. Growing up in foster homes, she has learned to be self-sufficient but has always desired to feel accepted and loved. She assures him that she has no trouble developing a D/D lifestyle - well, that is until the night she over- indulges at the school Christmas party and discovers that some spankings are not those hot, sexy kinds that she has come to adore.

Running away from what she knows she deserves but is reluctant to admit, she goes to the B&B where Blake had made reservations for the holidays.

Her eyes are opened as she discovers the meaning of traditions and the love and support families give each other, but will her new found knowledge give her the strength to go home to face Blake? Will he even still want her after the stunt she pulled?

And what is it about that small green ornament hidden in the tree? How can a pickle change her entire life?

This title is included in the Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas Book Bundle below.

Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas

From Blushing Books and twelve top authors comes a holiday collection of fun (and spanking) that you won't want to miss! Want to take a break from work, family, or whatever else has you running in circles? Forget the bubble bath, this collection has you covered. It consists of eleven brand new and exclusive novellas, (each between 9 and 15K words), one full length novel by Breanna Hayse, and a bonus story from Maren Smith.

This collection includes:

O Christmas Tree! by Maren Smith: This Christmas is not shaping up to look very good to Angie Wilson, but she just has to have a tree. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the money to pay for one. So what do you do? You STEAL one!

A Clockwork Christmas by Sidney Swann: Professor Sebastian Cromwell's longtime friend Cyrus Longbridge has created an animatronic holiday. But the arrival of an ambitious colleague throws the trio - and possibly all of humanity - in danger. When the dominant Professor Cromwell warns his beautiful assistant not to go it alone, will she obey him?

A Holiday Beginning by Thianna D. (Corbin's Bend): Cory's girlfriend Kenzie comes up for the weekend and Cory can finally show her everything Corbin's Bend has to offer.

You've Been Gifted by Thianna D. (Corbin's Bend): Jonathon - overcome with stress - receives an unexpected gift from a Secret Santa and it turns the worst day of the year into possibly the best. Especially when Benjamin sees it.

Jingle Belles by Jill Jackson: Belle had everything. But all this was spoiled by her cold and selfish heart. Her dead roommate, Nicky, warns her she'll be visited by three ghosts, and if she doesn't take heed, she will pay for all eternity.

The Christmas Pickle by Maggie Ryan: Jennifer never knew the love and support of anyone until she meets Blake in the Principal's Office. She is the new English teacher and their attraction is instant. And what is it about that small green ornament hidden in the tree? How can a pickle change her entire life?

How the Maid Saved Christmas by Jill Glass: With a looming deadline for a once in a lifetime opportunity for Jayce's career, a certain little maid will have her work cut out for her to show Jayce what the holidays are all about.

Cole for Christmas by Rayanna Jamison: World renowned supermodel Angel was officially having the worst year of her life. When Cole Evan returns from a trip to the store he finds none other than his ex-girlfriend/ex-client Angel on his couch he has a decision to make.

A Christmas Starr for Carolyn by Mary Wehr: Divorced, Carolyn Winters couldn't wait for the holidays to be over. Both the joy and warmth of the season only reminded her of how alone she was in the world. When the house across the street had been sold, her first encounter with the new neighbor ended with her over his knee for a sound spanking. Where will it go from there?
The Gift of Guidance by Fiona Wilde: What is the one thing worse than being punished by one's stern husband? Not being punished. A Victorian tale of love and redemption.

Amelia's Outback Christmas by Constance Masters: Amelia Strutton comes from a rich Texan family. She has what ever she could ever want in life but what she wants is Trev. There was only one thing for it. She made up her mind to go to Australia to get him.

The Wakefield Santa by Joannie Kay: The Wakefield Santa is leaving poorly written poems on the town's bulletin board and Sheriff Hamilton Wakefield is bound and determined to protect the lovely Janie's reputation when Santa seems determined to shred her reputation to shreds.

Eight Little Letters (PS. I Love You) by Breanna Hayse: When her Navy Seal husband is declared MIA, Faith finds herself holding the eight little letters he had written before he disappeared. Hope grows within her as she is reminded to trust in the season of miracles, and she embraces his written promise of a Happy Ever After holiday season.